Neighbourhood Plan News

  • ChairBlog: Come to our Open Day!

    ChairBlog: Come to our Open Day!

    We’re back. I hope you all had a fabulous break, and that your New Year is getting off to a flying start. The Steering group have all been busy preparing lots of things to show you at the upcoming Open … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Busy times

    ChairBlog: Busy times

    So, we’re all gearing up now for the big reveal..we’ll be spending our time between now and Christmas tidying up a few things, with a big push in the New Year to get everything ready to show you on the … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Grants, Logo and Open Session

    ChairBlog: Grants, Logo and Open Session

    Ian talked us through some of the options we may be able to access regarding grants for specific technical work. This will be applicable for specialist support, for example, should we consider engaging additional flooding technical advice. Ian will be … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Questionnaires galore!

    ChairBlog: Questionnaires galore!

    Ah. So we all just had the flood questionnaires from MKC, so it looks like some of us are going questionnaire mad! The flood committee will still be urging the residents to do our own survey, we really need that … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: We’re designated!

    ChairBlog: We’re designated!

    We were delighted to learn that our application for the Designated Area of the whole of Stoke Goldington Parish was approved on the 1st October. This means we’re now properly live and official and can starting thinking about getting access … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: A visitor from MKC

    ChairBlog: A visitor from MKC

    We were delighted to receive Diane Webber from the MK Council at our recent meeting. Diane had original come to the very first Parish Council Public Meeting back in April, so it was great for her to come along to … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Cracking On!

    ChairBlog: Cracking On!

    We are carrying on with our fortnightly meetings. There’s quite a lot to be getting on with, with the residents’ views survey (the questionnaire) to focus on. We’ve all had lots of ideas for this, so it could be a … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: It’s been a lovely summer

    ChairBlog: It’s been a lovely summer

    On Tuesday we had our first meeting back after a little break for August… I’d been working with the sub team on the Project Plan and was able to present the first draft to the group. One notable things was … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Our Terms of Reference

    ChairBlog: Our Terms of Reference

    We’ve just had our meeting and we were pleased that the Terms Of Reference has now been finalised by the Parish Council. These terms set down exactly what the Steering Group need to do and some reference points such as … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Holiday time!

    ChairBlog: Holiday time!

    So, meeting number five was placed in the very capable hands of Ian Allen, because I was grabbing a last minute week in the sun. Thanks Ian! The Terms of Reference were circulated for review and comment. Stacey updated the … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Project Planning

    ChairBlog: Project Planning

    Meeting number four and already things are going at a pace. We’ve set up a sub team to look at the project plan (which is huge!), to ensure we full understand what and when tasks need doing. We’ve also been … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: Another member!

    ChairBlog: Another member!

    Meeting number three and we are joined by Dave Jones: what took you so long Dave?? (wink). I’m really proud of this Committee: the breadth of skills here is fantastic. Ian and I met with the Gayhurst Clerk and Chair, … Continue reading →Read More »
  • ChairBlog: The Flood and Getting started

    ChairBlog: The Flood and Getting started

    The village has had the devastating flood last weekend, and our thoughts are with everyone affected, in whatever way. This is something that definitely needs to be highlighted in the Plan: we just can’t have this keeping on happening. We … Continue reading →Read More »
  • Initial Steering Group Meeting

    Initial Steering Group Meeting

    We had the kick-off official meeting of the Steering Group. A committee was formed comprising Alex Mitchell (Chair), Cllr Ian Allen (Vice Chair) and Victoria Harries-Harris (Secretary). Altogether the committee consists of nine members at present with four additional helpers … Continue reading →Read More »
  • Parish Council Meeting Update

    Parish Council Meeting Update

    Parish Council Meeting held regarding proposal to do a Neighbourhood Plan. It was agreed at this meeting that a Neighbourhood Plan would be initiated.Read More »