ChairBlog: Grants, Logo and Open Session

Ian talked us through some of the options we may be able to access regarding grants for specific technical work. This will be applicable for specialist support, for example, should we consider engaging additional flooding technical advice. Ian will be heading off to find out a lot more about potential sources of additional funds.

We’ve got a new logo! You’ll recognise the shape from our fabulous village sign but there are some changes in there which we hope will encompass showing off Stoke Goldington in a different light: it looks very familiar but it’s evolving… I particularly love the colours that derive from the original (and best) sign, namely the blue of the sky, the green of the grass, and the natural stone colour. I want our logo and colour schemes to represent those three elements but also the natural green and blue represent sustainability and harmony. Anyway, the steering group liked it, so I really hope you all will too.

We want to get you involved! We’ve started planning to hold an open day, where we can show you everything that we’ve been doing and give you a chance to ask us about anything too. Watch this space!

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