ChairBlog: Cracking On!

We are carrying on with our fortnightly meetings. There’s quite a lot to be getting on with, with the residents’ views survey (the questionnaire) to focus on. We’ve all had lots of ideas for this, so it could be a very interesting and longish process. One of the first things to decide was how we were going to ensure we could get as many views as possible. We had a debate about the ‘individual vs household’ approach. We all agreed that we wanted to collect as many viewpoints as possible, so that we could be sure we truly understood what was right for the whole village.

As usual I’m dishing out lots of jobs to my very capable steering group, and there were lots of updates given during the meeting. Both Ian and I also sit on the Flood Working Group and an update of the progress from that group was reported.

Finally, we’ve invited Diane Webber from the Planning Department of MKC to come to our meeting at the end of the month.

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