ChairBlog: It’s been a lovely summer

On Tuesday we had our first meeting back after a little break for August… I’d been working with the sub team on the Project Plan and was able to present the first draft to the group. One notable things was the use of traffic light colours to illustrate the percentage completion of the task (from red = 0% complete to green = 100% complete). We haven’t spent any money on fancy project planning software, but instead have used Excel create a timeline and (what seems like a billion) task that we can track throughout the project. We’ve been quite optimistic with it, and may find it challenging, but we’re all volunteers (and mostly non-experts) and we’re all up for the job.

In other news, we’ve requested that the PC formally apply for Designation of the Neighbourhood Plan area; this is the step which makes us official. We looked at the very first ideas for the questionnaire, and there was much discussion about the scope and style of the questions.

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