Stoke Goldington Neighbourhood Plan

Thanks for visiting our website! Here you will find details of what we’re doing and planning to do, such as upcoming events and next steps. There will also be the meeting minutes and other official documents, links to sites with more information, and answers to the frequently asked questions.

Latest News

We’ll be at the Parish Council Open Day on the 7th March. We’ve been busy reviewing the finding from the Residents’ Questionnaire; this has been a massive piece of work which will help to guide us in the Neighbourhood Plan process. There’s lots of information there to guide all parts of the process and we’ll be discussing of few theme and topics at the Open Day.

What’s been happening?

We logged 270 responses to the residents’ questionnaire and a small sub-team of the steering group has been busy imputing the data and then super checking everything. After that three of the group haves been analysing and reviewing the information. There was a tremendous amount of written text containing an abundance of great ideas and thoughts, and we are very grateful for the time and effort you have put in, and the insight provided. So, THANK YOU!

In other news, we have been informed that the Milton Keynes Plan has now been validated, which means that there is now a proven five year land supply, which significantly reduces the prospect of speculative development in the very near future.

What’s next?
We’ll discuss our latest thoughts at the Open Day, which we may need to review thoroughly with MKC, and then once the picture becomes clear, AND, if we determine a need for additional housing in the parish, we will be able to start of the process for looking for possible solutions for this.

Your Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
We are volunteers from the village with a very varied skill set.

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