Stoke Goldington Neighbourhood Plan

Thanks for visiting our new website! Here you will find details of what we’re doing and planning to do, such as upcoming events and next steps. There will also be the meeting minutes and other official documents, links to sites with more information, and answers to the frequently asked questions.

What’s been happening?
The steering group is now fully underway into the process; we have a well-developed project plan, and have started work on studying the policy documents and collecting the background information we need. We have now received official approval to proceed from MK council, and will shortly be applying for a grant towards the costs.

What’s next?
We are currently finalising the questionnaire that will give everyone the opportunity to give their views at this very early stage.  The questionnaire will be aimed at individuals, as each eligible voter will ultimately have a vote on the overall Neighbourhood Plan.  In addition, we will also be inviting the ideas and views of the younger members of the village.

How will the questionnaire be done?
We will be presenting the final draft of the questionnaire at our first major OPEN DAY and hope that we get some valuable feedback (good or bad), so that we can incorporate this before going to print. We want to ensure you are involved at every step and we simply can’t afford to miss any key issues that may concern you. The questionnaire should be available very soon after the OPEN DAY, and, once, distributed, we will be available in various ways before the completion deadline for anyone who wants more information.  Details on this and other aspects of the questionnaire will be provided at the time.

Who are we?
We are volunteers from the village with a very varied skill set.

We welcome any feedback on the website, and if you have any comments about what you would like us to include, please email us on