Stoke Goldington Neighbourhood Plan

Thanks for visiting our website! Here you will find details of what we’re doing and planning to do, such as upcoming events and next steps. There will also be the meeting minutes and other official documents, links to sites with more information, and answers to the frequently asked questions.

Latest News

We will be delivering the Residents’ Questionnaires to your home by the 22nd August. We aim to speak to you as we deliver, in the hope that we can maximise the response: we really do want to hear from you! You’ll have around 4 weeks to fill it in, as we understand that it is holiday season, and we can either collect, or you can post it in the sealed envelope provided through the Village Hall letterbox. Questionnaires will be anonymous.

This is the opportunity for everyone to have their say in the future of the village, and  we hope for a large response. Once collected in, there will be a long period of analysis required.

We would also like to welcome new Parish Councillor Cathy Williscroft to the Steering Group.

What’s been happening?

Having waited for the grant application process to re-open for this financial year, we have now been advised that the first portion of the grant funding has been approved, with the funds arriving imminently. We had hoped to complete this much earlier, but the process has been delayed, partly due to delays in the grant application process, and also by waiting until the grant was awarded, to avoid the risk of the cost falling onto the village. We did not receive the full grant we applied for, so this will be an ongoing process, with further applications as we progress. This early phase of the grant will fund the printing of the questionnaire, as well as website development and a further Open Day to present the results of the Questionnaire.

In other news, we have been informed that the Milton Keynes Plan has now been validated, which means that there is now a proven five year land supply, which significantly reduces the prospect of speculative development in the very near future.

What’s next?
We have now submitted our final draft to Milton Keynes Council for comments, and, once we have the finances sorted out, we will be getting them delivered to you.

Your Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
We are volunteers from the village with a very varied skill set.

We welcome any feedback on the website, and if you have any comments about what you would like us to include, please email us on